10 Questions to ask at Parents’ Evening

parent teacherDo you get to that stage where, during your child’s parents evening, the teacher asks “Do you have any questions?” and suddenly, your mind goes blank?  Then, all the way home you’re regretting not being prepared?
Well, my colleague, Clare at Kip McGrath Lisburn has prepared a handy list of

Top 10 questions to ask at parents evening:

1. Do they seem happy at school ? Do they get along with other children?

2. Who do they play with?

3. Which subject is their strongest and which do they get the most enjoyment out of ?

4. What is their weakest subject and how can you help to encourage them to make more progress in it?

5. What can we do at home to help?

6. Are they making steady progress?  If the parent interview is early on in the school year this question may not be relevant yet as the teacher is still getting to know your child.

7. Do they contribute to class discussions?

8. Are they at the expected level for their age group? If  they are performing below their age, ask what areas need to be worked on and what is being done by the school to bring them up to the level required for their age group.

9. If your child is having any learning difficulties then bring this up as well.  What extra support can the school provide? What feedback can you get from the teacher implementing this support?

10. If your child is preparing for exams – What work is outstanding? What subject areas do they need to revise? Are they on target to get the grade they need?

If you feel your child needs more support with their school work or you simply need an informal chat about your child’s progress,  Kip McGrath Education Centre Blackburn can help.  Call 01254 427730 and book your free session.

For more information on how we can help please visit



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